You may have heard of the world’s largest tire company, Bridgestone. If you’ve hung around finance bros, you know investing firm Blackstone and asset manager Blackrock. You may have also heard of the hedge fund Bridgewater, and Blackwater, the crazy military-contracting juggernaut.

…Wait what? Why do all of these companies have names that are some permutation of the words black, stone, rock, water, and bridge? Did someone have some sort of stoned meetup and then water-birth these companies? And then give them slightly different names so that we would not notice?

Well we noticed. We noticed so hard, in fact, that we decided to go out and find their other relatives. Is there a company for every permutation of these five key words?

The answer is: almost.

We* found a company for everything, except for Rockblack and Bridgeblack.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 12.38.30 AM

Many of these companies are involved in management, finance, and consulting.

Rockstone seems to be a pizza pub–and some other companies ranging from real-estate to music-video platforms.

Stoneblack does hair.

Don’t make the mistake of calling Water Rock Global Asset Management LLC when you’re fixing up your house. You want Waterstone. They sell faucets.

Many companies found success with one of these names. You can too!

But stay safe by only sticking to these five words.
You don’t want to end up with Watergate!




Written by Talia


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