Google Gulag: James Damore’s Memo Is A Problem For The Right

Defend free speech and battle nonsensical diversity programs. But rally for everything else too. Because inconsistency is what forces conservatives to look racist, sexist, and generally insane. Principled conservatism means nothing without principles. Principles mean nothing without consistency.

Charlottesville Was Not Trump’s Fault

You know why even smart, non-racist people don’t support removing Confederate statues? Because it starts off “civil” but then very quickly things like this happen, where a group of people gets into a massive crowd and destroys a statue just because they feel like it. Even when the law says that the historic statues are… Read more »

Police Brutality Will Not Be Solved Until We Train Cops Better

BLM always screamed that “systemic racism” was the root cause of police brutality, but even if it is a factor it is not the underlying cause—and pretending it is does not solve and even trivializes the scope of the problem. Anybody can be a victim—even if police brutality disproportionately affects blacks—and everybody should be afraid. The root of the problem is bad training and a philosophy that values the cop’s life more than the civilian’s.

Harvard Can Expel Anybody: Nobody Is Safe

When the authorities are inconsistent about who is virtuous and who is so bad he should be expelled, it destroys trust and creates fear.

Harvard Memes Scandal Sets Dangerous Privacy Precedent

This case is unique in that exceedingly drastic measures were taken against students who were having harmless fun pushing boundaries in a private groupchat devoted to pushing boundaries. To say that their memes were dangerous is ludicrous. What is dangerous is when we let the administration get away with this without putting up a fight.

Why Calendars Do Not Imprison You

  Does your calendar look like a masterfully played Tetris game—filled to the top with colorful shapes, with only a dark sliver of free space along the side where you get to sleep? Or are you one of these guys: “I don’t use a calendar.” “Why don’t you just live in the moment?” “Be more… Read more »

How To Name Your Company: A Lexical Analysis

  You may have heard of the world’s largest tire company, Bridgestone. If you’ve hung around finance bros, you know investing firm Blackstone and asset manager Blackrock. You may have also heard of the hedge fund Bridgewater, and Blackwater, the crazy military-contracting juggernaut. …Wait what? Why do all of these companies have names that are… Read more »

It Is Not Just A Phrase: “How To Get Your Shit Together”

Last year I went to a U2 concert. I didn’t check the set list and didn’t even realize they made a new album. I didn’t buy a t-shirt. I got there a bit later than I thought I would (bands always start an hour late, so no biggie right?). Everything went fine, but I was… Read more »

Two Books That All Law Students Should Read

  By: Adam Ondo Texas Tech University School of Law, J.D. 2017 I. Interpreting Law: A Neglected Science At many law schools, students are taught little about the different schools of thought that govern the interpretation of law, and many professors of constitutional law fail to provide any historical context for the clauses and amendments… Read more »

No Cop-Outs For Police Brutality

If you see someone at the corner with a gun in his pocket, what would happen if you jumped and killed him? Good luck getting out of jail. Your lawyer would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that your life was under imminent threat. But there’s a double standard if you’re a cop.

  • The Dirty Details Of The Obama Administration’s Transgender Bathroom Policy

    On May 13, 2016, the Department of Education released a guidance letter titled “Dear Colleague Letter on Transgender Students.” This is the most recent in the rapidly expanding list of transgender bathroom legislation. Timeline: 1972 – Title IX enacted 1975 – Education Regulation (34 C.F.R. 106.33) promulgated March 23, 2016 – North Carolina passes its… Read more »

  • CNN’s Hybrid War On Trump

    I have been watching CNN daily for over two weeks now. During this time, CNN’s coverage centered almost exclusively on the election, and almost exclusively on Donald Trump—his bad points and bad things he did. 

  • Tips To Drink In College

      If you are in college, you are going to drink at some point, either because you want to or because someone will peer pressure you to. You might as well know how to do is safely.

  • Why Everyone Is Playing

    For such a simple game, has gained a lot of traction, and even a spot in season 4 of House of Cards. Why the fuss? There are small balls that you eat and large balls that try to eat you. It’s brilliant, it’s simple, it’s addicting. It captures your life changes as you grow old… Read more »

  • Don’t Be A Slave to Emotion: Learn From Odysseus

      In The Odyssey, Odysseus ran into the sirens. The sirens are beautiful creatures who sing on the rocks in the ocean, seducing ship workers. Odysseus knew that he would pass the sirens while traveling. He could not pass up the opportunity to hear their siren song–it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. But he also did… Read more »

  • Do More With The 80/20 Rule

    Nobody likes rules. But imagine if there was a quick rule that could help you live a more intense, full life, with less self-doubt and second-guessing and more doing. Behold: the 80/20 rule.  This is useful because you can throw the numbers 80 in 20 into most parts of your life, and you’ll get some wise adage that… Read more »

  • Stop Being Angry

    I tried teaching my baby 100 times to write its name on the whiteboard, but it was an incompetent mess. It kept dropping the marker. “YOU’RE FIRED!” I screamed before storming out of the room.

  • A Loose Examination Of Regret

      There are two kinds of regret: closed regret and open regret. closed regret –  there is nothing more that you can do. open regret – there is still something you can do.

  • Stop Feeling Trapped – Watch This

    These fish are literally stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. Flying fish hunt – The Hunt: Episode 4 preview – BBC One

  • My To-Do List Is Better Than Yours

    If you need to copy/paste 1000 lines of code, you can hate your life because you are stuck doing menial work, or you can make yourself a mojito, chill out, and pretend you are in a data center on an island and that your boss will give you a gift basket for making the best spreadsheet ever. 

  • How to Be Happier

    I used to keep an Excel list of everything I wanted to do every day. Read three chapters of War and Peace, watch chess Youtube videos, become an Excel power user. I thought that adding more to my life would make me happier. After a while, I felt I didn’t have enough time to do these… Read more »