I love Yale. I will forever be indebted to it and everybody who spends their life making it amazing.

But some things never made sense:

  • Why do I feel safe getting drunk in the company of strangers even though nobody here is decent at taking care of drunk people?
  • Why does the good fruit go in the spa water?
  • If this is the best time to be single because there are so many options, then why don’t I like anyone?
  • I like my partner. But it’s college, so I should be single, right?
  • Why does everyone go to Masquerade senior year and then to a naked party?
  • Of all the things to pay for, why do I have to pay to get mail?
  • If this is where people go to have “intellectual conversations” then why do people outside tolerate more crazy ideas? (Yale Bubble?)
  • Why are the doors to Commons so heavy?
  • A ton of equally qualified people didn’t get in, so a lot of people outside of Yale are just as smart of us. So there’s no point being elitist.
  • But we’re still way smarter than everyone, so we should tell people how to live and what’s right.
  • Why do we have a night club right in the middle of our campus?
  • If I’m “brilliant” enough to be here, then why do I feel like such an idiot? If there are so many brilliant people here, why do I feel like there are so many idiots?
  • People here are supposed to fix the world.
  • People go here because they hear that’s how you get a good job. So people who go here just want a good job.
  • Of all beaches, why do we keep going to Myrtle every spring?
  • If these were the best four years of my life, why don’t I mind leaving?
  • Why is Gothic architecture so cool?
  • Why do I keep wanting to throw reunions?

Will these questions ever be answered? Who knows! Strawberries in spa water will stay a mystery.
<3 Yale 4Eva


Written by Talia

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